Reboot Initialized…

As you are no doubt aware, it has been a long time since I have last posted. Too long, in fact. A little over a year, actually. Oops. So, it is time to reboot and revitalize this blog, setting a new course and direction to sail.


Image credit: Sira Anamwong

I do however, have good reason for my absence, though it is high time to get back in the saddle. Back last winter, my wife and I bought a house. The house was a bit of a fixer -upper, and it came with 1 acre of land. That same time, I discovered Pinterest, and yet another DIY bug bit…. hard. Winter led into spring, and I was working away at fixing up our house, spring led into summer,and I started our garden. Fall led into winter, and I wasted time on Pinterest added more projects to my to-do list.


Quite simply, my interests have expanded, and my list of projects to do quadrupled. So, with that in mind, what does that mean going forward?

This will still be a frugal DIY blog, but with a much broader focus. Garden projects, house projects, pallet projects, Homesteading off-the-grid projects, as well as game reviews and projects and model railroading will all get some press time, as I get into them.

Have no fear, fellow hobbyists- there will still be game reviews and thoughts, as well as thoughts from my model railroad experiences. But they will only be a part of this blog. But, if you like frugal DIY projects, game/hobby or otherwise, then hopefully you find some good ideas here.


Some of my new games…

As always, feel free to contribute your thoughts, comments, questions! Here’s to a more productive future!


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