The State of the Layout Report

My work schedule has been a bit….different these past few weeks. But even with longer days, and odd shifts, I have still managed to start a few projects on my model railroad. There has been a road to be paved, trees to plant…and more trees yet to plant. And did I mention I am needing more trees! I vastly underestimated how many trees a small layout needs.

Once the scenery is complete, I need to get around to scratch-building the main station. I plan to have it be a focal point of the layout, with fully detailed interior, etc. After that, more detailing projects, and detailing my motive power fleet for modeling a freelanced Vermont subdivision of the B&M and CNR during the 60’s/ CR/CN during the 80’s. Plus other buildings to scratch build, and details, and the river to be poured….so in other words, plenty of blog posts waiting to be created and written, and photographed! (gimme a second, I am out of breath….)

What follows is a sort of picture report of those projects as well as the existing state of my layout as a whole, highlighting where it is at now, and projects completed. (ish)




The finally painted tunnel portal….yeah, I kinda procrastinated on it for a while, and finally just painted it.



Qui-gon Jinn on a walk through the woods…


















The newly paved asphalt road- actually tile grout, painted and weathered. Those Vermont winters are rough on these roads…


DSCF3500 DSCF3502





A look up the mountain… still pretty sparse, even after the 30+ trees up there.


These are cheap Christmas village trees with the snow cut off the branches, and stuck along the back of the mountain ridge to help give an illusion of distance. These are definitely background trees, but are the right price for the right job.




Looking down the mountain….eventually a spring will be flowing here…






The evening “mock up” passenger train makes a stop at the mock up station (cardboard and printer paper and tape is all there is to this structure–just a placeholder for now).


Now,I need to get back to more projects! As always, please subscribe!


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