Unplugged Gaming

I don’t think it is any stretch to say that we are a plugged in society, what with all out electronic gadgets, computers, phones, phones pretending to be computers, etc. Now this isn’t all bad, per se. But, I would argue, and I am sure most of us would agree, that there is value in  unplugged time. Instead of getting together with friends to play video games, or facebook chatting each other, why not do something more interactive, more face to face?

Image credit: "Goldy" (freedigitalphotos.net)

Image credit: “Goldy” (freedigitalphotos.net)

This is why I am a proponent of playing board games. The face to face time is valuable as you face off together, matching wits in a game. It provides a great avenue to laugh, chat, and discuss life’s most pressing issues.

Such was the case Tuesday night when I had the opportunity to get together with some good friends and play some games, and enjoy some time to discuss deep philosophical and theological questions together.

We played Harbour, which all seemed to enjoy. I did note that this game does take longer with 4 people. The last time I played 4, I thought it was just a fluke that it took over an hour to play. However, the game was a lot of fun, and was fairly close.


After Harbour, we played a game called Caylus . My one good friend brought this along and it was a lot of fun. This is definitely the quintessential worker-placement game. There was a lot going on here and I really enjoyed it. In essence, players are “working” for a king in France, building up his castle and the surrounding town, and so earning his favor. There is a lot to take in when learning it, but once you play through a round or two, it was really quite good, and fairly easy to understand, though there was plenty of deep strategizing going on. This is a game that requires and rewards planning ahead.

Times like these are so rewarding and valuable. This is why I believe gaming with friends and family is a big thing- a valuable activity to strengthen your relationships together.I certainly enjoyed myself, even if I didn’t get home until midnight and I had to get up in 5 hours after that for work.

How about you? Have any recent get together with friends? How do you like to unplug and enjoy your time with others? Comment below! And, make sure to subscribe! (There might be a contest coming soon….)


2 thoughts on “Unplugged Gaming

  1. Totally agree with ‘unplugged time’ being valuable! I work all day with computers and it is really nice to unwind face to face with some friends over some cardboard and wooden blocks. 🙂

    I meet weekly with a group of friends for banter and casual Magic the Gathering. I do try to organise more board gaming days but I am blessed with plenty of friends (and family!) who are happy to play things like Agricola, Dungeon Petz, Bohnanza and just about anything else I throw at them from my collection on any given occasion.

    It feels so good to be able to play amongst other, live human beings rather than staring at a screen. Hearthstone is fun but it’s better to know who you’re pitting your wits against.

    As Wil Wheaton would say: “Play more games!” 🙂


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